Pre Settlement Testimonials

Read some of grateful Pre Settlement Testimonials clients. Lawsuit Financing

“Funding gave me money to pay overdue bills, rent and utilities. They saved me." Linda Lieber

“This money is helping me out with personal bills that I've been backed up on due to not working. They were there when I needed them and they helped my dad out too." Michael Hunt, Jr.

“Funding gave me the money to pay some overdue bills, get food and my asthma medication." Vanessa Cruz-Reyes

“Funding has helped me take care of some necessary expenses while I wait for my case to go to court." Chameko McGee-Fuller

“I had no way to get to work or the means to pay for housing. Your company allowed me to take care of the basics." Dawn Brackin

“I was being evicted. The money I received will help keep me off the street." Indiana Martinez

“The money I received allowed me to be financially stable while out of work due to the accident." Karen Chisano

Here's some Pre Settlement Testimonials from our friends at Oasis Legal.

“I had contacted another company first and using Oasis was a much better experience. Things were less complicated with Oasis and everything went so smoothly. Other companies made promises that they didn’t deliver on in the end” Karen Chisano

I went to two other firms but the company that did me a great serice was Oasis Legal Finance for my class action suit. I would sen a friend to you without a doubt.” Cheryl P from Illinois

Oasis Legal Finance Handled things very quickly with very fast service. My attorney recommended them and I was very pleased with how they treated me. Sharon H from Pennsylvania

Oasis legal finance handled things very quickly for me and kept me out of bankruptcy. I would go back to them again as the check came very quickly. Your people were very helpful in every way and in just over a week’s time I had my money”, Chip S. From Arizona.

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