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Pre settlement lawsuit funding or Personal Injury Funding is a valuable means to level the playing field when you are a plaintiff. The problem with so many people that are plaintiffs is that they find themselves settling for a lot less. Typically, the defendant will recognize they are in the wrong and have their insurance company make a settlement. However, the insurance company would prefer to pay out a lesser amount then what you as a plaintiff would deserve.

This is essentially a take it or leave it proposition. Of course the Insurance Companies will encourage you to settle for minimum. You sign and agree to the amount and the transaction is done. But what if this amount doesn’t cover the expenses which you’ve incurred due to the Defendants actions ? Lost wages, damages to your vehicle, Medical bills, future medical problems. And also, what if the courts would have decided for a much larger judgment in your favor - as you deserve? Understand, the Insurance Company is likely to be looking after their interests - most likely not yours.

What is often bothersome are the obstacles in the way of you, as the Plaintiff, to obtain a judgment that you deserve. Presuming that you don’t have the money to pay the lawyers, then you are in a weakened position and vulnerable to accepting the lesser Insurance claim.

This is the beauty of Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding and how the service can level the playing field for people that otherwise cant take advantage of our legal system. And when we say take advantage, lets be clear. There’s getting what you rightfully deserve - and then there‘s beating a person or a business out of their life’s savings for no better reason then the opportunity presented itself. You can be sure we aren’t advocating the second meaning!

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So how does this funding help you? To begin, this is normall all non-recourse. For those of us not familiar with the term, this means if your court case loses then you owe nothing! If you are out of work or short on money - then you feel a tremendous burden on your shoulders. To have a partial amount of your judgment funded upfront will be a relief on your mind. This way, your life goes on as normal as possible even though you otherwise have been wronged and hurt. Another strong point is if you are in need of the money from this judgment, then you may feel compelled to call your lawyer which could take time away from the lawyer getting your results. Would you rather the Lawyer speak with you on the phone or getting the results you need? This is not a trivial point. You want assurances, that’s what the Lawyer is there for. A final point is that a Lawyer may want to work harder on your case if there is a bigger judgment because they will either work off of a contingency or from billable hours. Do they want 33% of $10,000 or do they want 33% of $100,000? Here’s a key point - your fair settlement will go through after the lawyer has time to work your case adequately. And that’s where the defendants can take advantage of the Plaintiff that cant pay the lawyer to put in the time and the work. The reality is a Law Office is a business much like other businesses and they do have an interest in making money which could place a smaller judgment on the backburner.

This is certainly a Win-Win proposition . You, the Plaintiff receive the settlement you deserve instead of the small settlement that maybe forced on you, the Lawyer is compensated according to the case so that means a more lucrative payment for the law office - you both are compensated much better.

How to get started with Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding? Download the 2 below forms, fill them out & sign them, and fax the signed forms back to me. Then you let me go to work for you! If you do this, then we’ll have a better idea of the strength of your case.

*Applications for Funding are only applications. No requests are guaranteed. Verbal consultations are only estimates based on information which is not necessarily complete information. Please allow the Underwriters to take the time they require to process your request.

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