Medical Factoring

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factoring medical services

Medical Factoring is normally utilized by:

  • Health Care Staffing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Transcription
  • Credit Management
  • Professional Medical Collections

Medical Professionals involved with the collection of payments owed to their practice are keenly aware of the collection’s various nuances. So should your Factoring Company. You should see more Medical Funding Companies make themselves available to your office - but its advisable to lean toward the Funders that provide the smooth transaction & educate you to possible obstacles, and also work through those obstacles as well. Hopefully, part of this effort is to keep the headaches off of your shoulders .

The reasons to sell Accounts Receivables to the Factoring company may be common to any business:

  • Your financial institutions already denied you.
  • Your Comptroller disagrees with adding Bank debt in order to cure a CashFlow problem.
  • Your office is experiencing an untypical growth period.
  • Just the opposite - your office maybe experiencing untypical slow periods.
  • To meet payroll, take supplier discounts, purchase equipment or increase staff.
  • You want a Check 21 Act solution.

Factoring helps businesses and managers focus on their primary purpose -your health care practice - when you sell your account receivables.

4 basic easy steps:
1. Fill out an application on line or we’ll download your application.
2. A review will hopefully approve your request. If so, then we’ll forward legal documentation for your approval.
3. Return your documents and your company will be reviewed for typical back round information.
4. Funding is transferred to your business account.

Funding your HealthCare Practice

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