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Just a quick review of successful Law Firm Testimonials - As your case load grows, your need for cash to run your business to grow also. Why not add the advantage of limited recourse, no personal guarantee financing to your side?

“I was able to relieve the financial burden of pursuing my case through the use of your service. Without this option, I would not have been able to continue the discovery process – thank you!” -Theodore R. Corte Madera, CA, Breach of Contract Case

“I thought I would have to sell all of my payments. I only had to sell one of them to get the money I needed. It really helped get me out of a tough spot!”!” - Jane A. Chicago, IL, Partial Payment Program

"Our banker refused to expand our line of credit to be used to develop a new class action suit. With so much potential revenue at stake, we investigated Law Firm Financing. Within ninety days we had a new $2MM dollar line that we control." !” - Mid-sized Colorado Law Firm

>> 750k to a firm based on their fee interest in 2,000 Fen Phen cases.

>> $600k to a law firm based on a med-mal verdict of $8 million, which the defendant was appealing.

>> $700k to a firm based on 6 high value PI cases, which included the following case types: auto-wrongful death, toxic tort, product liability, construction negligence.

>> $3.5 million to a firm based on a firm’s entire case inventory.

>> $550k to a firm based on an automobile roll-over verdict of several million dollars and the defendant was appealing the verdict.

>> $2MM to a firm to develop a new product liability/class action suit.

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