0 apr Business Credit cards

Access $50k-$250k in Business Credit for your Working Capital needs ~

The basic “need to know” aspects of obtaining this kind of Working Capital are as follows: 

  • 0 apr Business Credit Cards for 12-18 months.  This in itself is a great benefit so long as the balance is paid off.   If the plan is to rehab, then sell, then discipline yourself to pay off those balances with your profits.  
  • the normal advances range from $30k to $80k in 3-4 weeks but sometimes up to $125k.   What if you had between $30k & $80k at your disposal?  How would that make your home rehabbing business work better?
  • no collateral or assets
  • no tax returns
  • no income verification
  • 2.85% transfer fee.    This will be a cost!   If want to pay $100,000 for a TLC home then a transfer to your buyer will cost $2850 in fees. 
  • The program will create business credit cards from which the transfer will come from.
  • a 680 FICO score or better is required.
  • These credit accounts don’t report on your personal credit file because they are business accounts.  Think about the value here!?   The FICO scoring system tends to subtract points on your personal file when 30% or more of credit lines are used.  It doesn’t matter the balance consists of your business costs.   It only matters that the balance exists on your personal accounts.   So it could be a strategy that you don’t use your personal accounts for business expenses, and instead place your Home Rehab expenses on these 0 apr business credit cards which should increase your FICO just because your credit balances have been lowered.    

Costs to setup your 0 apr Business Credit cards? 


There is a $3997 set up fee.  But if Funding Factoring Solutions refers you then your costs will be discounted $500 to $3497.  There will be a subsequent $3497 yearly fee for those that wish to stick with it, and that fee is subject to increases according to costs.  $3497 is for a 12-month membership, good for two people, each getting up to 3 rounds of funding.

or else there is Option #2.

This is a 'performance based' option. You can get your account set up for wire transfers, and then when a wire transfer goes through, you will then be billed 9% back-end fee for that transfer. 
Example: you will billed $9000 on a wire transfer of $100,000.   This offer is good for 1 wire transfer & only 1 account user & a wire service will be provided. 

* either option will take 2-3 weeks for setting up :)


Funding Factoring Solutions makes recommendations for business funding, only offers to apply.  Funding Factoring Solutions never makes guarantees that a recommendation, or offer to apply, will become an approval 

And any fees cited in this process are always subject to change.

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