Private Money Lenders

Receive the Working Capital you need for your next profitable Real Estate investment.

Private Real Estate Money Lenders

Private money lenders should be considered for buying investment property when you believe you'll create a healthy profit and return.

Bank loans may be preferable,

 or a HELOC (home equity line of Credit), or “friends & family”, or even borrowing from your own 401k & self-directed IRA.      A bank may be preferable in the ‘costs of funding’.  HELOC would be preferable with a low rate & availability.  Your retirement accounts might be preferable because of their availability.

However, if all these options don’t apply, or not preferable, then consider Private Money lenders if you anticipate a profit can be made by purchasing your property and fixing it for a flip,  buying it and holding it, or consolidating & cashing out.

consider Private Money Lenders for your real-estate investments ....

Whether a quick fix & flip, holding as a rental, cashing out & consolidating, the point is always to see you, the property investor, enjoy a profit with your efforts.

Now, in order to get what you want in the way of a property loan then there will be prepared to go through a serious process & be available for serious questions.  And understand as the borrower, you many get what you need as opposed to what you want.   This comes from speaking with the lender, discussing your unique situation and identifying your specific needs in order to accommodate your end goals.  

Real Estate Private Money Lenders

So be prepared to forward the documents, have the conversations, and allow the lender time to perform their process.   Cutting corners on business loans normally causes bad decisions, this is especially true for private money lenders. So have faith in the process, there are no shortcuts.

Of course there are advertised offers that claim to approve & fund you, the borrower, within 48 hours.    Always be careful of such lenders, lending is based on risk so know the true terms & fees. And research their reviews with BBB and Pilot online reviews.  The underwriting process is the process, serious lenders don't shortcut the process.

So what is your interest?

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