Merchant Advance

Quick Liquidity for your business in 48hours or less.

Merchant Advance funding has come a long way in the last 15 years. 

Merchant Advance approval and funding time can be as little as 48 hours or less.    Less documents are required and the client can submit everything electronically.  

Ideally, this type of funding is for the merchant, office or medical practice that has a specific goal in mind.   Apply the funds to your specific business goal so you feel the costs of financing were worth it.

Normally, a Merchant Advance is requested because your bank won’t approve your application or can’t get you an approval in time for your need.    Perhaps you have an urgent inventory, payroll, equipment expense or temporary cash flow to cover?    If so, you have an alternative to traditional bank financing with a Merchant Advance. 

And these funders are competitive.     They may vary their niche depending on good & bad credit, they may vary depending on your industry type.    You may want a 3-month term and you may want an 18-month term.   Merchant Advances are known for their daily automatic payments but a number of them offer weekly payments.

Ready to move forward?   Here are some recommendations.   And look for the “new customer referral award”.    Each page has a different offer.   

{1} $5000 to $300,000 - IOU Financial  recommend by Kevin O'Leary of the Shark Tank TV series.    Applications & submission are all online.  Also very good for consolidations.    Up to $500 customer rebate.

{2} American Microloan

{3} BCD Funding is a more aggressive group that will approve for as little as $2500 and as much as $750,000.    Also very good for consolidations.

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