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"Factoring has kept our business debt free and our cash flow easy to handle. We are able to increase our contracting staff without the normal business cash flow issues often associated with growth. Resolving our CashFlow needs via selling our Account Receivables has allowed us to confidently answer large RFP’s with the knowledge that we will be able to handle the growth smoothly. Working with Millennium Funding has been easy and problem free. The staff there is always available and responsive to any questions we may have.” - Technology Consulting Co.

The service level you have shown us is remarkable and I have to say I expected good service, but I am surprised at how good it really is! Honestly I had my doubts about factoring, since I had experience with it back in the 1980s, but I truly was surprised at how much better it works today. I thought that it would be an awkward way to finance, but again thanks to the good service and helpful hints you have made our experience with Millennium work really well. Thanks again for all your help. We look forward to a long working relationship with Millennium.” - Automotive Industry

“As a major contractor for Comcast Cable Communications it is reassuring to be able to rely on Millennium Funding to assist us in our financial goals. In the past I have used other funding company’s and I can honestly say that all of Millennium’s staff goes out of their way to meet our every needs.” - Telecommunications Co.

"Our Salvation was the asset based lending services of Millennium Funding. We have now grown so accustomed to instant funding and help with tracking receivables that almost six years later cash flow has improved to the point that we no longer need funding but keep using the service anyways because of the time/hassle it saves us in tracking down receivables. It is like having an extra person on staff. I would recommend Millennium to anyone without hesitation. They have been a great partner to my company.” - Audio Production Co.

"Our company has been a customer of Millennium Funding since we started over 5 years ago. It is difficult to start a business without an adequate credit facility, but Millennium made it possible for us to “hit the ground running”and jump started our business by factoring our domestic accounts receivables. The process was quick and easy because Millennium’s staff is responsive and available at a moments notice. We have continued with Millennium because of their excellent customer service and affordable rates.” - Seafood Processing Co.

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